Two girls join the Kirksville High School Wrestling Team

Nelson and Davis work hard at practice. KTVO Angela Luna

Wrestling has been known for being a men's sport.

But this season the team is no longer known as the boys wrestling team.

Freshman Caitlyn Davis joined Sophomore Lydia Nelson on the Kirksville Wrestling Team.

Despite being surrounded by boys, these girls know how to take it to the mat.

"Well I always kinda wanted to do it and this is the first school that actually had it so I thought I'd try it," said Nelson.
"It's hard work sometimes it doesn't look like it but you get tired pretty fast out there," said Davis.

Many college teams have had women's wrestling programs.

Now at meets, having girls on the team at the high school level has become a common occurrence.

Head Coach James Alter discusses how girls wrestling is starting to rise in Missouri High School sports.

"It's nice for it to start on the high school level. We do have a few college programs with women's teams now that it's funneled down to the high school I see this year being a starting year it being pretty slow but I see it really taking off, said Alter.

Last year was Lydia Nelson's first year on the team.

Being the only girl on the team was intimating at first.

Despite a few challenges in the beginning, Senior Captain Blake Howard says the team has become a family.

"I think they make us better for reasons, like I said they make us wanna clean up our act and stuff around them. We treat them like our sisters. It's like a family, said Howard.

The Kirksville wrestling team will continue their journey to the state competition.

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