Type 1 Diabetes presentation held at Heartland church Sunday

Type 1 diabetes must be managed with the use of insulin. (KTVO)

Members of the American Diabetes Association put on a presentation to alert the community about signs of a Type 1 Diabetic emergency at the First Presbyterian Church in Kirksville.

The presentation included a video about the warning signs, testing blood sugar levels, and learning how to inject insulin shots.

Two young members of the church were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes late last year.

Christine Gran also says she takes special precautions for her son’s day to day life.

“We just have to be vigilant all the time. We always make sure we have his kit with us, it has his glucometer and his glucagon and then we also make sure that he has his snacks. Whenever he goes to a friend’s house we just have to make sure they are aware. Fortunately, at the schools they already have dealt with type 1 diabetics so it’s not been a problem. I feel very comfortable with him being over at the middle school and I’m sure the high school where Elizabeth is, I’m sure they’ve been able to help her as well,” said Gran.

Gran says that it is important to notice Type 1 Diabetes symptoms such as dramatic weight loss and fruity breath early on to prevent serious issues.

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