USPS closes second SE Iowa post office this week

Starting Friday, the post office in Cincinnati, Iowa will be closed to customers/KTVO

The United States Postal Service announced its second closing in southeast Iowa Thursday.

On Wednesday, KTVO told you about the closure of Fremont's post office. Thursday, USPS announced Cincinnati’s closing.

Spokeswoman Stacy St. John told KTVO both of these changes are temporary.

Starting Friday, Cincinnati's post office on Liberty Street will be closed to customers. St. John said there are safety concerns with the old structure of that building.

There is no word of where the post office will move to, or when it is expected to re-open. For now, customers will be directed to the Centerville office on North 10th Street.

Cluster box units have been installed outside of Cincinnati City Hall on Alpine St. for P.O. box customers. Those customers should continue using their Cincinnati address.

For at least one Cincinnati resident, this change is no cause of concern. A neighbor told KTVO she normally uses the Centerville post office anyway.

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