USPS temporarily closes Fremont post office

The post office has moved its operations to Eddyville/KTVO

The Fremont community is currently without a post office.

The United States Postal Service announced, Wednesday, a temporary closure of the office on east Main Street.

USPS spokeswoman Stacy St. John told KTVO the office was closed after the building was invaded by an animal. St. John wouldn't say what kind.

She added that the building's wiring is also being investigated, but wouldn't say if the animal intrusion was related to the wiring issue.

Last Monday, all employees were displaced and relocated to the Eddyville post office on Walnut Street.

St. John isn't sure when the office will reopen, but expects this change to be temporary.

For now, P.O. box delivery will proceed behind city hall. Customers should continue listing Fremont as their delivery address.

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