Utility crews in Kirksville area working to install meter readers

Excel Contractors are working with Liberty Utilities to replace old gas meters and have been mistaken for intruders and held up at gun point. (KTVO:Riley Fannon)

Residents of the Kirksville area should be aware that employees from Excel Utility Contractors, a third-party company, will be working with Liberty Utilities to install Automated Meter Reading (AMR) devices.

Michael Livell, installation manager with Excel, wanted to make residents aware that work is underway in the area to ensure the safety of the crews.

Livell wanted Liberty customers to know that they are going to be around town and that each employee would have the following:

• Arrive in an Excel marked vehicle

• Will be wearing reflective vests with Excel markings

• Will be carrying an info card describing the work they’re there to do

• They will inform you that this replacement will come at no cost to you

The cards which have the Liberty Utility name and logo read as follows:

• Liberty is installing Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology

• This will allow Liberty to read meters without having to access customer property

• Liberty has enlisted help of contractors, such as the one at your property today

• You are not required to make changes to your meter or current piping.

Kirksville residents should stay aware that a representative from Excel will possibly be on your property to make the change to your gas meter.

If you would like to make the process easier, Livell suggested pointing them in the direction of the meter so they can speed up the process.

If you would like more information you can visit the website below.

or call, 1-855-872-3242.

*An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that gas meters were being replaced. They are not. An earlier version also included time frames for maintenance that were not binding, and have been removed to avoid confusion.

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