VA helping rural veterans readjust

The Vet Center is a new program offered to veterans who are seeking help in the readjustment process to civilian life/KTVO-Louis Finley

Veterans Affairs is offering readjustment counseling services for rural veterans.

The service caters to veterans readjusting to civilian life who don't have access to the same resources as those in larger cities.

The program, which began two months ago, has a readjustment counselor travel from Columbia, Mo. to Kirksville, Mo. for office hours.

It's offered every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at the Missouri Career Center located on Normal Street in Kirksville.

"I went through my own developmental work with myself as I was readjusting back to school life and civilian life," said Readjustment Counselor Zachary Warlow.

Warlow served in Afghanistan for six years. Though he said everyone's journey is different, sometimes a third party helps.

"If in your heart and in your gut, you know that right now you could use someone -- some help -- just go for it," Warlow said.

Readjustment services are free for veterans who have served in combat, and the program also helps in the bereavement process for families who have lost someone who has served.

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