Vandals destroy family's holiday display

The event "Santa and the Elves" is the Seavey children's tribute to their mother. (Louis Finley/KTVO)

For the past four years the Seavey family lights up their home at Christmas time and gives back to the community.

"My children use their allowance to hand out presents to children who visit our light display," said Robin Seavey.

The event "Santa and the Elves" is the Seavey children's tribute to their mother.

"My mom had cancer and we decided to put lights up for her because we didn't know if she was going to be here," said Tazlene Seavey

Diagnosed with bladder cancer, Robin was given a 15-percent chance of survival.

"I wasn't expected to live," Robin said.

The display is a way for the children to give thanks that their mother is still alive.

"We're still, like, continuing to do this in case it comes back," Tazlene said.

This year, the family arrived home to a heartbreaking scene, their display had been destroyed.

"We thought it was just a few lights unplugged," Robin said.

A hatchet was allegedly used to cut lights; golf clubs were also left behind which were used to destroy decorations.

"I lost it. I started crying," Robin said.

The alleged culprits didn't go far, leaving a trail behind. Neighborhood boys confessed to the crime.

"For them to do that to us. It hurts," said daughter Phebe Seavey.

"I’m very much a Christian person and I have forgiven them for what they've done. I would like a sincere apology and a sincere letter," Robin said.

Robin said there's close to $3,000 worth of damage, and irreplaceable memories lost.

"People can donate and help us put it back together, but it's not the same," Robin said.

The Seavey’s have rebuilt from what's left, and they're still holding their annual event.

"I feel like it's a bump in the road. We're going to get over it and move on from it," Tazlene said.
"I really pray hard that they find it in their hearts to really look at what they have done and not see that they were just light or decorations, that there is a very good story to why we do what we do,” Robin said.
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