Vets say to keep pets away from your meals on Thanksgiving

Matthew Garver is a veterinarian at the South Side Animal Clinic in Ottumwa. (KTVO)

Heartland residents will be feasting on meals all day Thursday for Thanksgiving.

But, with the abundance of food around the house, it’s important pet owners keep their dogs and cats away from foods that could be harmful to them.

“There’s a lot of dogs that can jump up and inhale a drumstick in a blink of an eye. And, sometimes the fats in those foods can upset their stomachs. Some dogs will get pancreatitis if they’re exposed to fats they’re not used to, or just a change in their diet,” said Veterinarian Matthew Garver.

Garver says even onions can be harmful.

Garver also recommends folks continue to watch out for ticks as they could still be lingering from the summer.

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