Wapello County Republican Chairwoman weighs in on the government shutdown

Trudy Caviness is Chairwoman of the Wapello County Republican Party. (KTVO)

The government shutdown is now the longest shutdown in U.S. history.

President Trump and the Democrats failed to come to an agreement regarding funding for the border wall.

KTVO spoke with Republican Party Chairwoman Trudy Caviness and she told us this might be the only way to fix issues that have been lingering for decades.

“We have a close friend that probably 35-40 years ago I was one of her sponsors to become a U.S. Citizen. And thinking of all the things she has gone through to become a citizen and for people to walk across and say, ‘you should give me citizenship’—it’s really tough for that. I think we need to have have a policy once and for all that gets solved and let’s go with it. Government shutdown may be the only way that we can force that issue to get solved,” Caviness said.

Caviness added that she understands the difficulty of not receiving a paycheck, but that government employees will get paid once the shutdown comes to an end.

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