Wapello County selects Democratic candidate to run for sheriff

Wapello County Democratic convention/ KTVO

Wapello County Interim Sheriff Don Phillips and Deputy Jeff Layton had five minutes to make their case on why they should be elected to run for sheriff. The rest was up to the delegates. After the delegates voted, Don Phillips was the winner.

After the convention, we caught up with Don Phillips about what is next after his win tonight.

“I’ve prepared myself for this. I’ve been 25 years today with the Sheriff’s office and I’ve been working towards this goal to be Sheriff for this county and it’s finally presented itself to where I am in a position and I feel like i'm the right candidate for it, "said Phillips.

Phillips spoke to KTVO and expressed what he plans to improve if elected Sheriff of Wapello County.

“I plan to work with the school district of Wapello County. I want to work with the school resource officers and have the dedicated officers in the school district to work with students and staff in the schools, said Phillips.

He added:

“We have a month and a half before the election. We have a lot of work to do. We need to be knocking on doors, getting with people, talking with them on what their concerns and needs are, said Phillips.

The special election is set to take place March 5th.

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