Wapello County selects Republican candidate to run for sheriff

Wapello County Republican Convention / KTVO

Todd Caldwell and Darren Batterson had seven minutes each to prove their case on why they should be elected to run for Wapello County Sheriff. The rest would be up to Republican delegates to cast their votes. After three recounts, Wapello County Sheriff Deputy, Todd Caldwell, won the race.

We got a chance to speak with Caldwell about what is next in his race for Sheriff of Wapello County.

“I care about Wapello county, I think Wapello county has really stepped up and helped my family out. I have wanted to be the sheriff for a long time. I have really good ideas and I know where I want to go with the sheriff department. I know the people at the sheriff department and I want to help them out as well and make the sheriff’s office as productive as I can," said Caldwell.

Caldwell opened up and told KTVO that his daughter was murdered in 2012. He said that he received a lot of support from Wapello County, and he plans to return that support back to the County if elected for sheriff of Wapello County.

“My main thing is I want the community more involved. I want the community to be educated in what’s going on in the sheriff department and what’s going on out the in the county, and I want them to be able to tell me their concerns," said Caldwell.

Caldwell added:

“I care about the public, I have compassion towards victims, I want to be there for the victims. I know everyone thinks the sheriff and cops in general are just wanting to put the bad guys in jail. I want to do that more than anything, but I want the people to know is that I want to be there for the victims as well because they’re going to be dealing with their situation long after the person is in jail and goes to court," said Caldwell.

The election will take place on March 5th.

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