Wapello County Supervisor candidates explain why they're running

The Primary election is on Tuesday, June 5 (MGNOnline).

On June 5, Iowan's head to the polls to vote in the primary election. One of the most hotly contested races is for the Wapello County Board of Supervisors.

Two of the three seats will be on the ballot. Supervisor Greg Kenning is not running again.

KTVO asked each of the five Democrats running to talk to us about the race.

Candidate Dan Stroda served as the executive director of the Ottumwa Housing Authority for 25 years. He also helped organize and start the River Hills Community Health Center. Now, he's running for County Supervisor so he can help bring in new jobs:

“Any kind of partnership with any kind of industry so that we would have living wage-paying jobs that, you know, a family could work and support itself," said Stroda.

Candidate Frank Flanders was the Mayor of Ottumwa for two years. He was also on City Council for two terms. If elected, Flanders says he would want to increase economic development in the area.

“I would like to push to get more development along the bypass on the outside of Ottumwa because that would help both the smaller cities, it would help Ottumwa, it would help all of Wapello County," said Flanders. "It would increase the tax base and it would create jobs."

Meanwhile, candidate Wayne Huit is all about safety. Huit is the owner of Wayne's Tires, a business that's been in Ottumwa for 35 years. He's also served on the school board for the Cardinal Community School District and was the Wapello County Fairboard President. Huit says as supervisor he would like to hire more deputies for the Sheriff's Office.

“These rural schools, it takes a response time where they’re not quick enough to get to them, as if they had more deputies. Have more deputies, response time would be a lot better, a lot quicker," said Huit.

Lastly, incumbent Jerry Parker is running for his sixth term on the board. He had previously been the Mayor of Ottumwa. As Supervisor, Parker says he likes to plan for the future to make sure the county is always prepared. But, his main goal every year is to maintain a fiscally sound budget:

“One that gets the job done and we stay within our means," said Parker. "I’ve always resisted creating debt for Wapello County and I think we have one bond issue that’s outstanding."

KTVO reached out to candidate Russell Hull multiple times, but he has not returned any phone calls.

The two winners of the Democratic Primary will advance to the general election.

The only other candidate in November will be Libertarian candidate Mike Grooms. There are no Republicans on the ballot.

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