Woolly bear caterpillars do not predict the weather

Woolly caterpillar crossing the road. (KTVO News)

If you have been driving around the roads of the Heartland lately you have probably seen some fuzzy caterpillars crawling across the streets.

You may know them as the Woolly worms or Woolly bears and they range from very dark to blond in color.

Myth has it that based on the coloring pattern of these crawlers, they can predict the weather. We traveled to Fairfield to ask Moni Hayne, a local entomologist, and she told us that is not true.

She said we are seeing so many of them this time of year because they are looking for a safe place to pass the winter.

“They are crawling to try to find a place that is dense enough that they can hibernate in.”

These small creatures will soon develop wings, spread them and fly away as moths.

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