World War II fighter pilot signs books

Jerry Yellin signed books for folks at the Revelations Cafe in Fairfield, Iowa./KTVO

Heartland residents gathered at the Revelations Café and Bookstore in Fairfield, Iowa Saturday afternoon to get their copy of “The Last Fighter Pilot” signed by Jerry Yellin, the person who the book is about.

Author Don Brown writes about Yellin’s experiences during World War II.

Yellin is one of the last fighter pilots still alive. He says his story is about more than just war.

“We’re not what we believe, we’re not the color of our skin, we’re not the language we talk. We’re all human beings, all of us. That’s the message that I would like people to know,” said Yellin.

Yellin is known for carrying out missions out of Iwo Jima over Japan back in 1945.

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