Young kids learning about the importance of water with animals

Water creatures was the subject at Monday morning's session of Knee High Naturalists.

Preschoolers got to get wet and muddy with nature.

That's what happened at Monday morning's session of the Knee High Naturalists group.

The Missouri Department of Conservation taught the kids all about water creatures.

The kids learned how critters from frogs and ducks to snakes and insects use water for their habitats. They also learned how important this natural resource really is.

"Everything has to have water to survive and some animals actually adapted to spend their entire lives in the water or near the water and aquatic animals tend to be really different than what you see out in the prairie. So we wanted to see some of those neat differences," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The kids went outside to explore and found various water animals using nets.

The group will be back for another exciting adventure in two weeks. What's next? The awesome opossum.

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