‘Your Life Matters Expo’ connecting resources with people who need them

Members of the Macon Seventh Day Adventist Church are coordinating the 'Your Life Matters Expo'

There are organizations that help people, and the people who could use a little help. But sometimes, connecting the two can be a challenge.

An upcoming event in Macon, Mo., the ‘Your Life Matters Expo, is getting organizations all together in one place.

From offering health screenings, to information on cutting energy costs, the expo offers a wide range of services.

“Sometimes people do not go to the doctor like they should, and sometimes when you do tests like this it shows a number that would trigger them to go to the doctor to see why these numbers are so high,” said Wendy Bouman, a manager at Loch Haven Nursing Home.

“We’re mainly just there giving out information on how we can help people to save money on their utility bill,” said Rodney Pitford, the owner of OTD Solar. “Also helping the environment, and however we can save energy for people.”

The second annual ‘Your Life Matters Expo’ in Macon is coming up soon.

“This expo is for anybody in the community that does anything for others that builds up their lives,” explained Janic Wilson, one of the coordinators for the expo.

“Your Life Matters is a really appropriate title, it’s helping everyone realize that we have something to do and share,” Brian Gallant, the pastor at Macon Seventh Day Adventist Church said.

And the most surprising thing…it’s all free. There’s no cost for vendors to participate, and nothing can be sold or purchased on site.

“We have a couple people, like a Mary Kay consultant, she’s going to do free, not do complete makeovers, but she’s going to give out some free samples, and talk about how, even if you work from home, get up get dressed, you just feel better about yourself,” Wilson said.

The idea started with Wilson herself.

“Most of what Jesus did was went around and helped people,” she said. “We decided to bring everybody in the community that does good for others, so it’s just like a big yellow pages, you can come and find out all the wonderful things that are there to help others.”

“It’s nice to see all the church members coming together and the community,” Pastor Gallant said. “One of the thing that excites me the most is, having living overseas and serving in different capacities there, I believe that one of the best ways groups of faith can be a blessing in their community is by helping connect other groups.”

Connecting organizations and resources, for anyone who might need them.

“There’s a lot of different things the Better Living Center does, that I think the community is unaware of,” Linda Bunton said.

The expo also is a way to show that you might not even realize the ways you are be able to help others.

“One of the things that are really important, and I’ve applied it to my own life as well, is what resources has God given me,” Wilson said.

This year’s event is focused on kids and animals. There will be live music, food, and yard games.

The expo already has over 50 vendors arranged, but more are welcome, especially companies and organizations that have job opportunities, and mental health resources.

The event will be on June 28th at the Macon County Expo Center.

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