Your pet can get hypothermia; don't leave them in the cold for too long

Your pet can get hypothermia, don't leave them in the cold for too long (Photo: MGN Online)

Colder temperatures mean you'll probably be seeking out ways to stay warm this winter, but don't forget about your fury friends.

The Humane Society of Missouri is urging all pet owners to not forget about their pets and make sure they stay safe and warm this winter.

Adair County Shelter Manager Missy Decker says dogs and cats can get hypothermia, just like people, if they stay outside in the cold for too long.

Decker says to not keep your pet outside for an extended amount of time and pay attention to how much cold weather your pet can handle.

For example, a husky may enjoy colder temperatures more than a small dog like a chihuahua.

There is a common misconception that because some animals have fur they stay warm, but Decker says if you are cold, your dog is probably cold too.

If you have no choice but to leave your dog outside for a long time, Decker has a few recommendations.

“ Just making sure they have straw, shelter, wind block if it gets bad, or access to indoors, to a garage or an enclosed back porch if they are choosing to keep them outdoors that way.”

Make sure your pet has fresh water outside and inside.

Leaving water outside in the cold can freeze quickly.

Wipe your dogs paws off before they come inside especially if you use ice melt.

Try to walk your dog during the day when it's warmer and when you are more likely to be seen by drivers.

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