EXCLUSIVE: A local search for man’s best friend turns global

A local search for man’s best friend turns global (WPMI)

Complete strangers have pledged $8,300 dollars to help get Flag, an Australian Shepherd, back to his home in Creola, Alabama.

The Australian Shepherd is an award-winning show dog — bestowed Select Dog at the Westminster dog show. However, a room full of ribbons now feels empty without the number one dog in Kathryn Gunter’s heart.

“Every morning I wake up and I look under my husband's dresser because that's where he slept on the cool floor,” said Gunter, adding “He's not there.”

It's been 340 long days since Flag went missing, next month will be a year.

“It's been tough, really tough,” said Gunter, adding, “But every time I say okay this is it I’m not going to look anymore something happened and it just keeps me going.”

The Gunter’s have complete faith their dog will return home — that's in part because of a Facebook page — made by a complete stranger that's turned this local search for flag into a global effort.

The page Bring Flag Home has attracted thousands of followers and donations for a reward for finding Flag. As of this morning, people have pledged $8,300 to bring him home.

“We are really blessed that's all I can say. It shows people really care,” Gunter said.

Flag is around 60 pounds and has a unique copper coloring.

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