Russia celebrates the New Year in Moscow's Red Square

LIVE: Russia celebrates the New Year in Moscow's Red Square (CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- 2018 has officially reached Moscow, Russia.

Newsweek reports New Year's Eve is the country's most important holiday. It is even more important to Russians than Christmas which is actually celebrated in January in the country.

Traditionally, Russians celebrate New Year's Eve with a late dinner before partying after midnight.

Some disruption in the Russian New Year's Eve celebrations happened earlier in the day. Crowds celebrating 2018 were forced to evacuate in St. Petersburg's Palace Square, according to The Mirror, due to technical reasons.

Tonight's celebrations are the first of two celebrations in commemoration of the New Year.

January 14th also marks the New Year according to the Orthodox calendar. This day is normally spent with family members.

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