Tax reform, Puerto Rico, the NFL: Top 5 things that happened Thursday

Fans lock arms during the national anthem before an NFL football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Looking to get caught up on the news, fast? Here are the top five things that happened Thursday, reported on by the Sinclair teams you trust every day.

1. Republicans scramble to pass tax overhaul

A day after President Donald Trump unveiled his party's plan for tax reform, congressional leaders jumped into action to sell the overhaul.

Speaking at the White House daily press briefing, Trump's economic adviser pushed back against the suggestion the plan could benefit the wealthy -- but said he couldn't guarantee taxes won't go up for some middle-class families.

2. In Puerto Rico, relief efforts lag

More than a week after Hurricane Maria hit, Trump cleared the way for more supplies to head to Puerto Rico by issuing a 10-day waiver of federal restrictions on foreign ships delivering cargo.

However, the U.S. citizens who live on the island are calling the federal relief efforts insufficient as food, water and electricity lack.

3. NFL controversy continues to divide nation

After 200 players knelt or otherwise expressed unity last weekend, an NFL spokesman said the issues have been "overtaken by political forces" -- a reference to President Trump's criticism of the league, team owners and players for kneeling during the national anthem.

In communities across the U.S., Americansare taking their own stance on the matter; Check Into Cash founder and Cleveland, Tennessee native Allan Jones weighed in by announcing he intends to pull all commercials for Check Into Cash, Buy Here Pay Here USA, and U.S. Money Shops during NFL games for the rest of the season.

4. 2nd Yosemite rockslide in days

Yosemite National Park saw its second rockslide in as many days.

The fall from El Capitan raised a plume of dust and came less than 24 hours after another slab dropped from the iconic rock formation, killing a climber.

5. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner passes away

Playboy founder Hugh M. Hefner, the perpetually robe-clad hedonist who constructed a multimedia empire, has died at age 91.

Across the country, those connected to Hefner-- whether as employees, fans, or former Playboy Bunnies -- remembered the magnate.

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