Baby born in market captured on camera

A baby boy named "Toby" made quite the entrance into the world! He was born in a market in Southeast Fresno Tuesday! (Courtesy: El Parian Fresno)

FRESNO, Calif. - A market is not the most ideal place to give birth.

The piñatas hanging inside El Parian Market in Southeast Fresno make that clear.

But one baby boy, would beg to differ.

"It's all crazy. It happened so quickly," says Issamar Sepulveda, who owns the market with her husband.

An expectant mother walked into the store Tuesday evening.

Surveillance video shows her walking to the soda fountain.

Moments later, she’s leaning on an ice cream counter.

Then, she’s doubled over on a table.

“I started hearing her screaming,” Sepulveda says. “The cashier told me, ‘There's a lady that's feeling bad. She wants us to call 9-1-1!’

“The cook says ‘Oh My God, She's having a baby!’ So then I run and see the baby coming out,” Sepulveda says.

A cook throws her scissors to cut the umbilical cord.

The butcher grabs his apron and a jacket, and wraps the baby, moments after he’s born.

A neighbor stumbled on the scene and pitched in, too.

“I feel like it’s a blessing,” says Maria Vega, a mother of four. “God only knows why this happened. I had planned to send my son to the store.”

Sepulveda was still in awe Wednesday morning, as she looked after her twin daughters.

“You remember the story of Jesus. He didn't have a place to be born at. He was with the cows," she says.

But this case, it was beef.

In a market, and not a manger.

The news, shared not by a star.

Rather, Facebook Live.

"When the paramedics were here, I was like, this is so amazing. I have to do a live about it,” Sepulveda said. “They wrapped the baby. It was a few minutes of joy where people can see what's happening here."

Mother and child were taken to a Fresno hospital.

Both are doing well.

The market is now accepting donations of items for the two.

If you’d like to help, stop by El Parian at 3790 E. Butler or call 559-266-2429.

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