Corn Maze at the University Farm

For Halloween weekend, the Truman State University Farm is haunted.

But it TMs not the chickens or horses that are scaring people.

For the weekend it TMs the Sigma Alpha corn maze that TMs spooky.

We just thought it was something that was agriculturally related that we could get going out at the University Farm to kind of encourage people to come to the farm, said Kathleen Keough, president of Sigma Alpha.

Every year Sigma Alpha hosts a corn maze with chills and thrills and a story to go with the haunting.

The maze is complete with strobe lights and fake blood that looks like something out of a cheesy old horror film.

There TMs even a chainsaw man.

To some it TMs good, old-fashioned Halloween fun, but to others it TMs actually pretty scary.

She was really scared. It frightened the living daylights out of her. She screamed|Oh my god! one man explained, looking at the woman who went through the maze with him.

The sorority girls and boys from the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity dress up and sneak through the rustling corn to scare people when they least expect it.

I thought it was really well put together. We got lost quite a few times and the people were really scary, said one girl.

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