Google maps 'America's Most Misspelled Words' by state


SEATTLE (KOMO) - We're hoping it's not because of diagnosis, but "pneumonia" is the most frequently Googled word to check its spelling in the state of Washington.

In honor of the upcoming 90th Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee, Google has put out a map showing each state's most frequently Googled word to ask, "how to spell ___?"

"Pneumonia" was also the most puzzling word to spell in Maine, Michigan and Alabama.

The map does shed some humorous tones on other states' residents - doesn't seem like Rhode Island is a very trustworthy place as residents there needed frequent help with "liar."

"Beautiful" is a stumper in several states, while in Arkansas and South Carolina, "Chihuahua" is a popular search (Because ...?). And in Connecticut and West Virginia, it's Mary Poppins' supercalifragilistic... well, you get the idea. We certainly can see where Google could lend a hand in that 34-letter word.

Pity poor Wisconsin, where some residents apparently need help spelling their own state's name, and Hawaii - "people"?!? In New Jersey, there's an apparent lack of Seattle Seahawks fans.

As for Google itself? It apparently needs to take some of its own spelling advice. Its original tweet misspelled "ninety" for Washington, D.C.'s most-searched word for spelling help. Here is its original tweet:

Google corrected it later. Hallelujah, because spelling, I'm sure, is a special priority for Google.

(You're welcome, Indiana, Delaware, Maryland and Wyoming. Just saved you a step.)

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