Woman accused of setting firefighter's personal truck on fire arrested

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UPDATE: Barbra Gooden was arrested in connection with this case.

According to Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, Gooden had been in the Zappos parking garage earlier on Tuesday, where security guards say she was unplugging electric cars and trying to pour gas in them.

LVFR reports that after leaving the area, she walked north on 4th street to the fire station. Security guards reportedly witnessed Gooden pour gasoline into an employee's 1972 Ford Bronco and light it on fire before continuing down 4th street.

Gooden was detained by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department until LVFR investigators arrived. Gooden refused to answer questions. However, investigators retrieved Gooden's gas can and found that she had matches on her person. After investigators interviewed witnesses and watching security video from Zappos, Gooden was arrested.


LAS VEGAS (KSNV) -- A bizarre car fire erupted at a Las Vegas fire station.

Firefighters say a woman lit up a firefighter's personal truck in the parking lot. Las Vegas fire officials have no clue why the arsonist picked that truck.

Snapshots show an early morning truck fire underneath U.S. 95 near North Casino Center Boulevard.

Interestingly, the car fire happened outside Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Station 1 in their parking lot. Las Vegas firefighters say a woman set one of their own firefighter's trucks ablaze.

This actually was a classic 1972 Ford Bronco.

Terry Whalen lives nearby the fire station.

"I would be mad. I would be really upset. It's a nice Bronco too," said Whalen.

Whalen tells us he saw the billowing smoke right outside his window just before 8 a.m. on Tuesday. Whalen ran to see and couldn't believe the arson fire happened just feet away from the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue headquarters.

"This morning, I was pissed because I live right around the corner. I see the gas can on the curb. Then I walk this way and see that," said Whalen.

Las Vegas firefighters arrested a woman for arson. Fire officials say it's too early to say what led the woman to set the 1972 Ford Bronco on fire.

Justina Guerrero feels bad for the firefighter who owns the Bronco.

"I would be shocked. I mean who deserves that -- who deserves to be working hard for their vehicle and it just getting burned," said Guerrero.

Las Vegas fire officials tell us the arson is not very surprising even though it happened in front of a fire station. They also said the firefighter who owns the Bronco has no connection to the accused arsonist.

Firefighters continue investigating the motive behind this blaze.

"That's crazy, I can not believe that," said Guerrero. "What's wrong with people these days?"

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