Davis County's first bowling season is a success

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It was a packed house at Davis County Lanes Tuesday night as the Mustangs played the final home meet of their inaugural season.

Davis County officially added bowling as a school sport last summer and they began competing this winter.

“The interest was there in the community, it just took somebody to take leadership of it and run with it," head coach Jason Rook said. "First, you’ve got to have somebody willing to coach it.”

And Jason Rook was more than willing.

“Back in February I approached the school board on possibly getting a bowling team as an organized sport through the school and help with the funding and of course they agreed to and here we are, 26 kids.”

There were 16 kids at the original sign up night and 22 showed up for the first practice. Nobody knew what to expect on the first day.

“I was wanting to see how many kids would actually come out and see if we could actually make a full team," Matthew Liles said.

“Oh it was fun," Tyreece Small said. "I was just planning on sitting and talking more and just learning everything and he said we were firing up the lanes and we were seeing what we were gonna do. I just though that was kind of cool that we got to do that for the first time.”

You wouldn’t know it was the Mustangs first season of competition if you looked that their record. Davis County finished the regular season 12 and 9.

“Yes, we’ve been very competitive the last few weeks which I’m excited (about)," Rook said.

“I honestly figured we were going to be kind of a lower end team," Small said. "We weren’t going to be as good as we are. But when we all got together and started working as a team it all just kind of clicked and worked.”

And the success hasn’t been limited to the bowling.

“The team actually merged together as a family they say," Rook said "They get along with each other, they drive each other.”

It’s been a season filled with highlights for Small.

“Coming in here and making new friends a building a new family and just representing Davis County.”

Liles has been bowling for a decade and he was excited about the team. But as a senior, it’s bittersweet.

“Too bad it happened my senior year," Liles said.

“I’ve been kind of bummed that this is the first year and it’s my last year," Small said. "I wish I was a little bit younger right now.”

It’s possible that nobody on the team has had more fun than head coach Jason Rook.

“Memories? I can’t. There’s just too many. I love every one of them," Rook said.

The regular season is over for Davis County. Next, they’ll head to regionals on February 13th in Muscatine. Whether or not they advance, the Mustangs first season has been a smash hit – and the future is bright.

“What we’ve accomplished this year is beyond my expectations, now it’s moving forward.”

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