Van Buren's Selena Sayre is the Complete Family Medicine Student-Athlete of the Month


KEOSAUQUA, Iowa. — Van Buren junior Selena Sayre hits the ball hard. Really hard. After leading her team to a program record 29-win regular season, Sayre is the Complete Family Medicine Student-Athlete of the Month.

"She's a great kid," Van Buren volleyball coach Matt Zeitler said. "She's good in her studies, good leader on the court, and one of the best volleyball players in this class in the state too."

One thing that sets Sayre apart is her power. It is a type of power few high school volleyball teams can handle. Her power has led to team success. On the way to crushing the program's single season win record Sayre worked her way into the top-10 for kills on the season in the state.

"Sometimes you don't really know where the ball is going," Van Buren volleyball player Isabell Manning said. "She has just an amazing hit and you can't really see the ball most of the time because she hits it so hard."

As a sophomore Sayre tied Van Buren's record of 252 kills in a season and this year at the end of the regular season she had blown past that tallying over 351 kills.

"My mom, I believe, was the team that set the school record for wins," Sayre said. "And then our group broke it. I was driving home and I called her, 'Mom we just beat your record'."

The Warriors weren't surprised by their team's success. But their stellar season is not Sayre's favorite memory from this season. It's the bond their team formed over the course of the year.

"Every time in our huddle I say, 'I love you all' to all of my girls on the court before we play," Sayre said.

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