Beth WaldonMulti-Media Journalist

Connect With Beth Waldon

Beth Waldon grew up in Morganton, North Carolina before moving to Michigan to study journalism.

She started her career as a student at Michigan State University (MSU), interning at a local government channel called HOM-TV. The internship offered students a comprehensive hands-on experience in the TV industry. Since then Beth has had a growing interest in digital reporting.

Beth spent the following summer writing for her college newspaper where she was expected to shoot and edit video to enhance her news stories for the online portion of the college's publication.

She continued her career as an intern at a local alternative newspaper, where she was assigned soft features for the publication's arts and culture section.

A few days after graduating from MSU, Beth started her first full-time job as a cops and courts reporter at a community newspaper in Lenoir, North Carolina, just outside of her hometown.

Beth missed shooting and editing video, so she dusted off her personal hand-held Samsung and produced short videos for a series sponsored by the community's chamber of commerce.

After eight months, Beth decided Lenoir was too close to home, so she packed up her things and moved back to Michigan, where she was hired as a full-time staff writer for another community newspaper in Caro.

Beth continued to experiment with video production, using her own equipment and her videos were posted with her articles on the newspaper's Facebook page and website.

Beth started exploring ways to transition back into the TV industry and now works for KTVO!