What's Been Responsible for this Stretch of Fantastic Weather?

Have you ever heard of an Omega Block?

After the first day of the month brought some rain, skies have been clearing and temperatures have been on the upswing. We registered mid and upper 60s for Tuesday and Wednesday. We're looking to soar into the 80s as we end the workweek.

This may seem like a boring weather pattern, but in actuality, something very interesting is happening. It's called an Omega Block.

That curved line extending across the United States is the jet stream. Simply put, if you're above the jet stream you'll be colder and if you're below the jet stream then you'll be warmer. The jet stream's position also helps in making it colder during the winter and warmer during the summer. You'll also see the jet stream act as a steering mechanism for bringing in precipitation.

For the last few days, the jet stream as been in the shape of the Greek letter Omega. It's been pretty stubborn too in not allowing any rain from the West to make it this way. Hence, we get an Omega Block and it usually takes several days to break down!

Lucky for us (and a good part of the country), we're under the warm sector of the jet stream. Places above the jet off to the East have been cooler.

Here's a look at it on KTVO's radar about 7:00 am on Thursday morning. You can see rain beginning to develop in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.

By Saturday, the block has finally started to break down. Showers and storms will be impacting the Heartland by the weekend. It'll cool down too. The blue line over Iowa is a cold front that'll be dropping down later this weekend.

With the jet stream flattening out, incoming weather systems will have a clear shot into our region. This will pick up later on Mother's Day and even last into Monday and Tuesday.

So enjoy this gorgeous spring weather for a few more days. For me, going on run in the sunshine sounds like a great afternoon.

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